But, of course!

You already know this stuff.

man looking anxious in train station<!-- man walking in gallery with hands behind back, wondering -->How to get healthy

Blindingly obvious things no.

Don’t smoke.
Limit your alcohol.
Avoid recreational and illicit drugs.

Blindingly obvious things no.

Sleep well and enough.
The rest of the time keep moving as much as you can.
Eat well and mostly food that hasn’t travelled far.

Not so obvious things no.

You need to do all the blindingly obvious things.
It’s never too late to start doing them.
And it’s never too soon.

Definitely not so obvious things no.

Only one in a thousand people can do it by will power.
Perhaps no one can do it by will power.
Or by promises or wishes or turning over a new leaf.

So how do I get healthy?

Soon we’ll get onto the magic. The doability. And the science.

Let’s start with sleep.