You pay the American price – includes free shipping to Australia (10 days)

ProLon – 1 box  →  USD249 ≈ Australian $357  ($357 per box)

ProLon – 2 boxes  →  USD498 ≈ Australian $715  ($357 per box)

ProLon – 3 boxes  →  USD675 ≈ Australian $969  ($323 per box)

This is how it works

If you’ve bought ProLon before  →  We direct you to the distributor.

If you want to talk to a health practitioner about ProLon  →  We offer you a free phone consultation.

If you want to be approved for ProLon  →  You complete a simple health questionnaire.

We make sure it’s safe for you to take ProLon

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Then we approve you to the distributor so you can buy ProLon.

We look after you throughout the process. We answer your questions about ProLon.

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Then we continue the conversation

We also offer inexpensive telehealth (phone or video) consultation to help you optimise your health and longevity.

Contact us to learn more.

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