LifeX Australia

We’re proud to bring the benefits of ProLon to Australians.

We also supply telehealth consultations and customer support.

young woman balancing while exercising in park

Here’s the youngest member of our LifeX Australia ‘family’ exercising in the park.

She likes to keep her life in balance. 😊

We’re a small, distributed organisation, based in Melbourne.

We formed LifeX Australia because we believe:

Where possible, the individual should be in charge of their own healthcare and be given the resources to maintain full function as close as possible to the end of life.

To do that we:

promote precision products and services to improve current predicted healthspans.

Starting with ProLon®.

head and shoulders of smiling older man in plaid shirt in a wood lined room with pictures on the wall behind

And here’s a selfie of the oldest member of our team, at home in the forest at the bottom of Australia.

Peter Jerrim is the founder and CEO of LifeX Australia. He’s been a web developer, writer and educator involved in healthcare and public health projects.

Now in his eighth decade he has good reasons for living healthily as long as he can.

Hence the interest in ProLon®.

If you want to talk with Peter directly please email and let him know your preferred form of contact – phone, WhatsApp, Facetime, Signal or Skype.

He’ll get back to you pronto.